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Reza Rizki (Director)

About Us

We Are Best Producer Wood Charcoal

PT ARUNDAYA GLOBAL FORTUNE is a Natural Wood Charcoal Producer company, located in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province. was established in 2022, with 80% shareholding of the company by HUGE MOUNTAIN INDUSTRY CO.LTD, company from Republic of China. (Taiwan). and is based on production centers in the border forest area of Nganjuk Regency and Madiun Regency in East Java. Even though we are a new company, we are determined to be one of the companies that produce wood charcoal with the best quality, and prioritize our customer satisfaction, also comply with standard procedures, starting from the process of sorting wood charcoal raw materials, production processes, legal standards, up to standard international shipping safety procedures.

The Vision

The Mision

Core Value

Arundaya Company Value


We always prioritize ethical standards and honesty in
every activity


We strive to always innovate supported by the best
human resources in order to develop the company


We strive to always excel in activities and continue to
strive to achieve the highest work standards


We continue to make improvements and continue to
look for innovations to improve the quality of the


We are responsible for the activities and policies taken
by the company, and are responsible for the
satisfaction of all customers.


We always prioritize ethical standards,
transparency and honesty in every
collaborative activity.

For the production of charcoal, we use 14 charcoal stoves with each furnace with a capacity of about 5 tons of charcoal in one carbonization for 7 days, and added 4 carbonization places for buried charcoal with a total capacity of 12 tons per 2 weeks. So currently, the total production capacity is around 200 tons of wood charcoal per month.


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Certificate Factory Audit by Carsurin

*Has received approval from the International shipping line, to load Charcoal commodities on ships. This means legal as a charcoal commodity, and you can get cheaper shipping rates.

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Indonesian Law Register